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How to remove unused resource files from a project (script)

This post provides a script to list out the unused .png resource files in your project, after which you can manually remove the files from your project. This script can be fine-tuned to do more, as is explained in the post.

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Algorithms in MapReduce | Intro to Data Science

After having slacked off for a few months on this course, I've finally decided to tackle this assignment.

This article continues from my series of Walkthroughs for the programming assignments for the online data science class being offered. This post covers MapReduce principles.

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In-Database Text Analysis | Intro to Data Science

This blog captures my experience with the second assignment of the online big data course. It seems pretty straightforward needing a couple of sql commands...





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Introduction to Data Science - Twitter

I started taking an online MOOC course about Big Data. I plan on uploading my code and thoughts on each project as I proceed through the course. You can follow me on github at @nikhilsaraf and twitter at @nikhilsaraf9.

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How to set up GitHub to not have it constantly ask for your username and password

When you start using github from the command line a lot, you will find that it is very annoying to constantly have to enter your username and password. In the long run, it is better for you to set it up such that you are not asked for your credentials everytime. See this simeple how-to to set up SSH keys that take care of this for you.

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